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Robust applications for highly demanding environments

Eixo Digital specializes in difficult, critical, high-availability, large database IT projects. We research and select the strongest open-source tools for a given task, and create the best possible software design, while lowering the total cost of ownership for our customers.

Your ideas materialize into affordable, well-designed, easy to maintain systems. We offer truly turn-key projects, integrating our deliverables with all your existing software – CRM, billing, and any other – training your staff and providing ongoing support to users. We can also have your software hosted in professional data center facilities, giving your customers faster, more robust access to your business.

Eixo Digital uses an Agile & Iterative Development approach, based on the Unified Process. Projects are divided into several phases, each one delivering a slice of functionality.

Iterative Development – the project is divided into several iterations, each one a self-contained mini-project. The goal of each iteration is a stable, integrated, partially complete system. That is, a set of end-to-end features are chosen and implemented, and the resulting software is made available as an internal release.

Risk Driven Iterative Planning – the riskiest, most difficult elements are implemented during the early iterations. In this way, the highest risks are surfaced and mitigated early rather than late.

Adaptive Development – information discovered from the implementation of each iteration drives the planning and estimates of the next iterations.

Inception Phase

The inception phase establishes the business case for the system and defines the system’s scope. The business case includes success criteria, risk assessment, estimate of the resources needed, and a phase plan showing dates of major milestones.

Elaboration Phase

During the Elaboration phase the project team is expected to capture a healthy majority of the system requirements, to address known risk factors and to establish and validate the baseline of the architecutre of the system, providing a stable basis for the bulk of the development effort in the next phase.

Construction Phase

From identifying and tracking your fleet to remote sensing and water systems, if you have the need to manipulate geographical data, we can help you to develop an information system for integrating, storing, editing, analyzing and displaying all types of geographical data.Construction is the largest phase in the project. In this phase the remainder of the system is built on the foundation laid in Elaboration. System features are implemented in a series of short, time boxed iterations named Sprints. Each Sprint results in an executable release of the software. 

Transition Phase

The final project phase is Transition. In this phase the system is deployed to the target users and feedback received from an initial release (or initial releases) may result in further refinements to be incorporated over the course of several Transition phase iterations. The Transition phase also includes system conversions and user training. 


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