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Eixo Digital is an international, fast growing IT company based in Portugal and focused on the international market, with customers and partners across Europe and Africa and specializing in mission-critical, high-availability, large database IT projects and the selling of Satellite Communication products and services.

Our IT solution offering is based on bespoke software development, complemented by a set of proprietary products and other open-source technology, allowing you to build challenging software at an affordable cost by saving money on expensive product licenses.

With our metry framework you can create and sell powerful telemetry services. With appy, our Rich Internet Application framework, you can build modern and beautiful interfaces for your products. With our Satellite Communication Terminals you can create your own mobile office and connect anytime, anywhere.

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Maritime Safety Terminal II
2019-2022 In partnership with Inmarsat, Eixo Digital developed phase 2 of the maritime safety terminal.

Maritime Safety Server II
2019-2022 – Eixo Digital developed the 2nd generation of Inmarsat’s maritime security server. In this new version, a strong technological update was made, which allows high availability in the communication between vessels and rescue centers.

INMS-NG system
2017-2022 – Eixo Digital developed the new generation of the monitoring system of the Inmarsat network elements.

SADC system
2018-2022 – Data Analytics Cloud base solutionĀ for collecting and analysing data from the Inmarsat network protocols.


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