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why eixo digital?

By teaming with us you have access to highly skilled and experienced teams, proficient in applying the best and most appropriate software frameworks for the given task, making sure that you are able to outsmart the competion and at the same time avoid lock-in to proprietary products and expensive licensing costs.

This means that your projects are delivered at affordable prices, and yet remain very well-designed products. The good overall quality of these solutions, built by competent and mature people, will translate into low cost of ownership in the long run.

Eixo Digital is endorsed by the European Space Agency and has been promoting the usage of space applications and actively participating in the development of new operational services. With local representatives in Portugal and Angola and customers and partners in Western Europe and Africa, we are able to provide you with an entrance door into these markets.

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Creativity  we are able to view things in a new perspective, recognizing ideas, alternatives or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems

Flexibility – rather than fighting the inevitable change that occurs in software development, we embrance it by adopting iterative and evolutionary development techniques 

Competitive Pricing – minimize the total cost of your project by using the best open source frameworks and avoiding expensive product licenses

Consistent Delivery – we are commited to project deadlines and will deliver as promised, consistently exceeding the expectations of our customers

Proven Experience – we have deployed several complex and mission critical solutions, spanning the full range of IT and software development technologies