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Let's face it: while sailing, disasters may happen.
Be it a fire, a man overboard or a pirate attack, these disasters happen and you don't have control over when they are to happen. One thing though that you should be sure to have - and of which you should always have control over - is a way to communicate your

distress. You want to send out an alert, and you want it sent now!
Our solution, the gMST, is a software for Maritime Safety Terminals that just lets you do that. It's as simple as pressing a button for a few seconds, and the Rescue Care Center is now aware that you're in trouble.
Unlike the Inmarsat-C system, our software interface is intuitive, friendly and let's you do what you need to do ASAP.
Because that's what you need from the Safety Terminal that could save your crew's lives.

As of now, our software has concluded the PoC phase, with a joint collaboration with an hardware manufacturer for the prototyping. With some final approvals to be achieved, our software will be entering the commercial phase soon.

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